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Harry Gordon

Attorney Harry Gordon at the United States Supreme Court

Attorney Harry Gordon focuses on business law and has over 25 years of experience serving business clients, all as detailed herein.  In addition, he provides legal services for the people behind the corporations and limited liability companies, assisting with Wills, Estate Planning, tax advice, and much more.

“At Gordon Law Offices, our goal is to provide first-class legal services at reasonable rates.”

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Client Testimonials:


May 8, 2016

Mr. Gordon represented us against a fraudulent building contractor.  He was tenacious against the individual.  After winning in court, and gaining a sizable judgement for us, he was able to turn that judgement into a secured lien on the individual’s property.  As you may know, judgements don’t mean you will recover your losses, but the secured lien has provided the opportunity to actually recover our initial losses.  Briefly stated, “you want Harry Gordon to be your lawyer, not opposing counsel.”


May 7, 2016

Harry Gordon has been my attorney now for 25 years.  I have had many cases involving business law issues.  He has helped my companies defend and recover, 10s of thousands of dollars!  He has excellent attention to detail, knows the law, and fights harder with more passion than any attorney I have ever used.  He has more integrity than any lawyer I have met as well!  Anyone using him will definitely be well served, and be glad they hired him!


May 6, 2016

I hired Mr. Gordon to represent me regarding a non-compete issue I had.  Harry was very knowledgable and a great asset to have.  I highly recommend Harry and his firm!


May 6, 2016

I highly recommend Harry Gordon for any business needs.  He set up my corporation, fought my former employer that tried to sue me as I was starting up, and has given me great legal advice along the way.  He has done a great job collecting debt and gone into litigation twice with companies owing me money and we won.  Harry is relentless, and is definitely one that you want sitting on your side of the table.  I would have never made it 18 years in business without Harry Gordon.


May 11, 2016

I’m so grateful to Harry Gordon and his competent staff.  I hired him to collect a sizeable amount of money owed me.  Harry’s professional conduct, his vast knowledge of the Law, his factual and prompt response kept me fully apprised of all aspects in my lawsuit.  He was both patient and relentless in the pursuit of collecting my money.  All being said, he did good . . . and I got the money owed me.  His name and number are in my address book for quick reference when friends ask the important questions:  “You know a good lawyer?”  Harry is a keeper!